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<strong>Enjoy Active Working</strong>

Enjoy Active Working

Comfortable & Active Sitting

4-season Heel protection

4-season Heel protection

Soften heels. Prevent dryness. Heal cracks.

Back support while standing at work

Active + Work

Re-imagine a new way of working

Many of our jobs need extended periods of static sitting in front of computers at work or at home, which, when combined with a sedentary lifestyle, adversely affects both our physical health and mental wellness.

Established in Boston in 2019, ActiveWork is on a mission to advocate for an active and dynamic work style.

We believe that adopting an active approach to work can significantly enhance your overall fitness, boost work productivity, and empower you to cultivate a joyful work style. Hence, we design innovative products that seamlessly integrate movement into your work routine.

It's time to embrace active working with ActiveWork.

Featured products

Enjoy active & comfortable sitting

ActiveMove 2-in-1 Foot Rest

The unique middle bump matches your foot arch and provides responsive support with the asymmetrical design of the toe pad and heel pad

  • Relaxes your feet while sitting
  • Stimulates active movement
  • Improves circulation to your feet
  • Reduces fatigue and tingling

Enjoy back support while standing

ActiveSupport Back Hammock

The World's First Back Support Solution for Standing Desks.

  • Make standing comfortable
  • Keep you active and relieve back pain
  • Adjustable | Fun | Quick Release | No Desk Tipping

Protect your heels all day long

ActiveShield Heel Socks

Prevent dry and cracked heels at work or home

  • Wear it like your regular socks
  • Fine silicone keeps your heels moisturized
  • Soften heels. Prevent dryness. Heal cracks.

ActiveShield Heel Socks ActiveShield Heel Socks


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